How can I enter the Online Metaverse?


To access the experience get your ticket at https://miamicrypto.world/ Enter your email and ticket code received after the purchase in the site 3dnftworld.com from any desktop or smartphone device using your Chrome or Safari browsers. No special equipment is needed - just internet access. Your internet speed should be at least 5Mbps to have the best experience.

What is the best way to experience the event? (recommended devices)


For the most interactive experience, use an up-to-date Chrome or Safari web browser on Mac or Windows PC, Chromebook, or Smartphone with Internet access. VR Headsets, Smart TV’s and game consoles are not supported.

How do I move in the environment? Do I require a special controller or joystick?


You can navigate in the 3D space via clickable hotspots and interact with the unique content created for the metaverse. In order to interact with additional content you would need to click the corresponding headline that works as a link to the content. In case you want to go back to the area lobby, the icon in the upper left corner will take you back to that area.

Do I need to have VR Glasses or VR Headsets?


You don't need them to experience the content. It runs entirely on your device’s browser, so you can access it on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

What browsers are supported / recommended?


You can enter the metaverse in the latest version of Chrome or Safari browsers for the best experience.

Is it Free to enter the Metaverse?


The Trade Show Area is free to access. The Webinars, Workshops, NFT Gallery and Special Events all require a ticket from https://miamicrypto.world/

When is the experience available?


The experience will be available starting from November 10th 4pm ET. The webinars and workshops will be available until December 15th 2021, if you have a subscription ticket.

I don’t have a ticket/ access yet. Where can I buy a ticket?


To buy a ticket you need to go to https://www.expcrypto.io/tickets

Can I share my personal ticket / Account?


Your access information is linked to your email address, so you should keep the details for yourself and don't share it with anyone.

Can I cast the videos on my Smart Tv / Casting device?


Yes, the videos can be cast on either Smart TV or Casting devices. You can follow the instructions from the manufacturers.

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?


Yes, the access can be granted globally. Just require to purchase the NFT ticket and you will receive the access code on your email account.

I forgot my password


You don't require a separate password, only the code that you got while purchasing the NFT from https://www.expcrypto.io/tickets If you have lost your code you need to contact technical support either on the tech support chat in the site or via email to support@miamicrypto.world

I cannot find my access code anywhere


If after purchasing the NFT you are having trouble to find your access code, please contact support@miamicrypto.world

What can I do if the sound or video is breaking?


The speed of your internet connection is important to warranty a seamless experience. If there are many devices connected to the same network relying on heavy usage (streaming video, uploading or downloading content from other sources or services) that might impact the speed of your connection. Try to disconnect other devices or connect to a higher speed connection. In other cases, opting for a cable connection instead of WiFi might help to improve your internet speed.

Do I need to download an app to my phone or tablet?


You don't require to download an app to experience the content, since it runs on a browser, however to access the AR content you would require a mobile device to scan the QR code and display the AR.

How can I pay?


In order to buy the NFT, go to https://www.expcrypto.io/tickets When you buy the NFT there are several payment forms available such as Credit Card and Paypal.

How can I pay for the NFTs?


You will be redirected to the NFT Marketplace provider (for example OpenSea and NuArca) In that marketplace you would be able to link your wallets and acquire the desired content.